10 Reasons We Need Safe (and Nutritious) Food In America

It is important that we as Americans have safe and nutritious food to eat. It is not always available to us, in schools, at the workplace, and restaurants, and everywhere else. However, it is what is required in order to stay safe, healthy, and germ free.

There are 10 reasons why it is so important.

1.Toxins and bacteria can be killed when food is cooked and maintained at safe temperatures. This is why it is critical that restaurants and food handlers are taught food safety.

2.Various intestinal diseases can be transmitted as a result of microorganisms and toxins inside of the food that is eaten. Shighella and salmonella are just a few of them and symptoms can range from diarrhea and vomiting two things that are significantly more severe.

3.Immune systems can be strengthened as a result of reducing the number of toxins and microorganisms that are found inside of the food.

4.Many farms and orchards use pesticides and other toxins as a way of ensuring that their fruits and vegetables bloom � and ensure that they are able to get a large crop. These toxins are dangerous, and found in so many different foods.

5.Nutritious food is packed with more vitamins and nutrients, which can reduce the need for supplements as well as to provide full nourishment to the body. Additional nutrients can also help to fight a variety of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

6.Clean eating has become more and more of a focus because it involves getting rid of processed foods from the diet. In today’s society, so many foods are processed in America, which are filled with additives and a variety of chemicals that can damage the body over time.

7.Safer and more nutritious food is generally better tasting as well. Many organically grown foods are grown in well-balanced soil and are high in nourishment, providing a better taste and offer more benefits to those who are eating them.

8.Many companies are creating genetically engineered food, and it is contaminating the food supply in alarming rates. In America, GMO foods do not have to be labeled as such, and this is causing a variety of health scares.

9.Hormones, drugs, and antibiotics are often placed in animal products, including chicken and beef area these toxins can cause health problems over time.

10.Eating food without the pollutants and toxins can also help to preserve ecosystems for future generations. This will help to preserve soil, improve crop rotation, and ensure that the entire food chain is not affected.

It is up to every American to go organic and be responsible with the food that they eat so that it is germ free, nutritious, and kept it safe temperatures. This will help overall health and prevent various diseases from being transmitted from person to person through food and through poor food handling practices.

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Protein Supplements Or Healthy Protein Supplements — Make The Right Choice For Reducing Weight

Do you know the difference between protein supplements and healthy protein supplements? Protein supplements are the new hype thing, getting a maddening promotion and consumption by the niche market of consumers going to gyms for getting a fit body, following rigorous fitness routines. It is a general assumption that after and before doing muscle building exercises, your body needs enough portion of protein-rich diet to provide relief to the exercised muscles, repair the muscle tissues and help you reach your health goals, such as losing weight. Protein powder is consumed to attain the desired body weight. Let’s analyze whether what is being advertised is actually good for your health or not. OR it is just a rush of marketing tactics of companies making various types of protein powders to increase their sales output! A genuine research can help to differentiate and opt for either of the two — protein powder or protein-rich healthy food.

Generally, it is advised by gym trainers to take protein supplements for reducing weight. It is, therefore, taken for granted to consume the dozes of protein powder supplement to reduce weight. Actually, there is some truth in it. If you take protein powder in small measure, you can lose weight. Research indicates that a higher protein diet, containing low GI carbs is a good way of losing weight, as you don’t feel hungry. You can follow this diet plan easily in the log run. Problem becomes complicated when you add more kilojoules of these protein powder supplements in your diet. Any addition of the protein powder to your snacks across the day without reducing the quantity of powder in the next meal will disturb the balance required for your diet plan, resulting in the add-on of more kilojoules, changing as body fat. It is just the opposite of what you want to achieve — reduce body weight through the intake of protein powder for weight loss!

There is yet another perspective on not succeeding in reducing weight even after replacing your meals with protein smoothies or shakes, which depends on whether you are making right choices or not. It can actually help you in cutting daily on calories, which will lessen fat content of your body, visible through weight loss. But as soon as you begin eating regular food again, the extra lost weight can reappear if you don’t make right selection of food to be eaten and not to be eaten. If you depend too much on protein shakes, opting them over regular meals, you won’t be able to leverage from the nutritional value of healthy foods.
Here is the caveat! As protein is rich in calories, taking additional protein in reality can make weight loss an arduous task, particularly when you consume it in the form of protein shakes along with your routine diet and also more arduous task if you are not as keen as before to follow exercise routine.
There is a pre-fixed protein need for adults in the range of 46 to 56 grams a day, conditioned by your body weight and total health. What is important is consuming healthy food in the form of either protein supplements or healthy protein supplements like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean sources of protein and making physical exercise a daily routine.
The magic of losing weight lies in burning more calories than consumed calories!

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How Does Fish Oil Supplements Help Reduce Your Cholesterol Level?

With healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, you can keep your cholesterol under control with a few additional choices like natural dietary supplements. Among those supplements that may help lower your cholesterol level are fish oil supplements that contain two types of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. The said heart-healthy essential fatty acids are mostly in its concentrated form, and when taken can be easily processed by the body. In clinical trials, results have shown that omega-3s truly does help to lower triglyceride levels as well as the risks for coronary heart disease.

One published study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that a daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil may decrease the inflammation in the body, not to mention that it slows down the plaque build-up in the arteries. Heart diseases are cardiovascular conditions that develop when the specific arteries become critically narrow or completely blocked and is unable to supply an enough amount of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. Persons who are obese, with hypertension or diabetes mellitus, and those who are heavy cigarette smokers have higher risks. This is why a healthy lifestyle and a good fish oil dosage does indeed help in maintaining one’s heart health.

Are fish oil supplements a healthier alternative?

In the event that you are the type of person with healthy life choices then taking supplements might not be necessary anymore, though it can provide additional health benefits. The American Heart Association recommends eating variety of fishes at least twice per week especially for people who are high risk or who have heart disease. The only disadvantage is some fish obviously contain environmental toxins like PCBs which means you also ingest it combined with the fish. Hence, most individuals now favor supplements as a good choice to enjoy the omega-3 health benefits.

When it comes to reducing your cholesterol levels, there are a lot of medications available in the market today that effectively lowers it. However, almost all of these medications should be taken carefully to prevent lasting side effects. Many people take supplements as a safer alternative and as a preventive measure from high cholesterol. Safer in a sense which it already undergoes molecular distillation process, wherein PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and toxins are eliminated from the fish oil while preserving the omega-3 fatty acids in it. Aside from that, most supplements also have a GMP accreditation which means that they follow the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice not to mention that FDA which is also monitoring every supplement to ensure its safety.

How much fish oil supplement is required?

The suggested fish oil dosage for those with heart problems is 1 g of DHA and EPA daily, while those with high triglycerides is 2 to 4 g of DHA and EPA daily. It is recommended to talk with your doctor just before taking any supplements. Having knowledge about the supplement you will take is very important, so a little research goes a long way especially when you want to maximize the fish oil supplements supplement effects.

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